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Product Related Services
Product Related Services

Prosystech helps leading your project to success by offering professional services, complimentary to our products, such as :

  • Consulting
  • Data Migration
  • Training
  • Support & Maintenance

Consulting : We assist you in planning and achieving your software integration project, step by step. We also help improving methods and processes by optimizing integration and configuration to your specific context.

Data Migration : When migrating from an outdated application to a new software, it can be highly desirable to transfer existing data. We analyze your current data to recommend you with the best transfer method. We use existing functions or program new ones, as needed, to assist you in migrating, verifying and cleaning up data.

Training : To complement basic training and didactic material included with our product, we offer other learning options, such as :

  • Onsite Training : of our professional instructors will come to your office for a special session with your users. He could show them the ins and outs of the software and make sure that it's well integrated with your working procedures.
  • Web Training Session : an interactive training through the Internet that allows the user to become familiar with the product and to obtain all necessary information for the everyday use of the software.
  • Seminars and Conferences : We participate in many different seminars and conferences related to our products application fields.

Support & Maintenance :On top of offering updates, a one-year technical support contract gives you access to a 24/7 support phone line and web.
Whether you simply want some technical information, help to achieve a particular task or to correct some problem, Prosystech's support team is there for you at any time.

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