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Open Source Software Integration

An alternative is becoming increasingly attractive for companies in planning their information technology, the open-source solutions. Briefly, these solutions (software or web application), whose source code and certain other rights normally reserved for holders of copyright, are provided under a software license that meets the definition of Open Source and who are in the public domain. This allows to use, modify and improve the software freely. Such software is often developed and improved collaboratively.

The open-source solutions apply to different areas such as customer relationship management, VoIP, group work, email, security, database, etc. By cons, this solution often requires technical expertise for customization, integration and configuration.

Prosystech helps you in finding open-source advantageous solutions matching your criteria. We also assist in the integration and deployment, allowing you to significantly reduce your overall software costs.


  • Study & Research;
  • Overall Project Management;
  • Define Detailed Functional Analysis;
  • Architectural Design;
  • Integration (Configuration, Customization & Further Developments);
  • Deployment;
  • Training & Support.

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