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Automation & Data Acquisition Systems

Prosystech is particularly active in Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition Systems (SCADA), which are used to supervise and control large distribution networks such as pipelines for natural gas, oil and gas, chemical products, steam and water. Typically, these systems have Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) or Distributed Process Controllers (DPC) used to collect data on site. This data is then transferred to the operator's graphical user interface through a communication network.


  • Engineering:
  • Analysis
  • Detailed design
  • Definition of hardware and software requirements
  • Programming:
  • Flow Measurement
  • Data Acquisition
  • Process Control
  • Configuring Communication:
  • twork master-slave
  • Communication with other equipment
  • Software Install & Configuration:
  • Workbench, OpenBsi,
  • Data Collector, OPC Server,
  • Alarm Router, etc..
  • Training (English or French)


  • SCADA Integration:
  • Iconics (Genesis 32)
  • Ci Technologies (Citect)
  • Intellution (iFix)
  • Wonderware (Factory Suite)
  • Equipment:
  • DPC-3330
  • RTU-3305
  • Teletrans-3308
  • ControlWave
  • Communication Interfaces (Modbus):
  • Chromatographes Daniel
  • Compteurs Ultrasonique Daniel
  • TDC-3000 d'Honeywell
  • S7-700 de Siemens


Gaz Métropolitain


Ever since it began its operations in 1986, Prosystech has been working on the development and maintenance of Société en commandite Gaz Métropolitain (SCGM)'s SCADA. This system assures the transmission and processing in real-time of all the data relative to the status of the natural gas distribution pipeline. The system acquires the 15,000 signals coming from more than 100 gas metering stations that cover the Province of Québec and regroups them in a central point, the Centre de Contrôle du Réseau (CCR). This system is constantly evolving and is currently in its third generation. Installed in 1999, the system uses Iconics Genesis software on Windows NT 4.0. Prosystech developed about 800 graphical pages used by the operators to manage, supervise and control the network.

Gazoduc TQM


Using the Citect SCADA software from Ci Technologies, this system assures the surveillance of Gazoduc TQM's 20 gas metering stations and 2 compressor stations.

More than 350 graphical pages are used by the gas controller to display the 4000 data signals polled from the Distributed Process Controllers (Bristol Babcock DPC-3330) located in the metering and compressor stations. A communication link, between Gazoduc TQM's Citect and TransCanada's Factory Link, is used to send data via OPC (OLE for Process Control) to TransCanada's Gas Control in Calgary, thus assuring continuous surveillance and control of the gas transportation pipeline.



Prosystech has participated in Intragaz's SCADA since the creation of the Pointe-du-Lac storage facilities in 1990.

Intragaz now has two storage facilities, one in Point-du-Lac, with 13 wells and 3 compressors, and a more recent site in St-Flavien with 8 wells and one compressor. The St-Flavien site promises good growth potential that Intragaz plans to exploit in the coming years.

Each site has a network of Bristol Babcock DPC-3330 controllers that communicate with various equipments and the compressor PLC's. Operator workstations are networked with redundant servers to assure continuous operation of the sites.

These two sites, which have more than twenty Bristol controllers, are operated from the three operator workstations in the Pointe-du-Lac controller center. They work on the Windows NT 4.0 platform using the iFix SCADA software from Intellution in Pointe-du-Lac and Intouch and InSQL from Wonderware in St-Flavien.

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