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Empower your organization with state of the art tools necessary for quick and effective key control, physical security management, item tracking, maintenance and facility management. Prosystech’s portfolio of software and services offer you professional-grade integrated solutions.


Master Keying & Key Management
(Institutional Facilities)

SimpleK is a complete, flexible and intuitive software for master key system and facility management. Mainly used by institutional locksmiths, security and facility managers, SimpleK helps ensuring control of master key systems, keys, key rings, door & hardware schedule and more.
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Security Incident Reports
(Institutional, Corporate)

OffiSIR is an innovative Security Incident Reporting Software. It helps writing reports and saving all digital evidences to safely record and archive all the facts related to a specific event.
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Key Control & Maintenance
(Small to Midsize Facilities)

ExpressK combines tools of key management and maintenance management in one cutting edge software, designed for small to midsize facilities.
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