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Frequently Asked Question (FAQ):
Here are some answers to frequently asked questions concerning ExpressK:
Q: Why choosing ExpressK?
A: Because ExpressK is the best specialized tool dedicated for key management for small business. It allows to efficiently manage the whole key control processes: key issuance, key return, access to floor plans, notifications, complete reports, historical data, digital signatures, personal inventories and a lot more. You may try something else if you just have few people and keys to record. But if you need a complete, efficient and professional software then ExpressK is the one! If you are looking for an advanced key management software, opt for SimpleK!
Q: Do I have to install another software to use ExpressK?
A: You have to install the .Net Framework 2.0. It improves scalability and performance of applications with improved caching and interacts with many Microsoft software.
Q: What are the Demo version limitations?
A: The trial version or free version is unlimited in time, but has limits on the number of records, or 15 keys, 15 key duplicates, 15 locks/equipment, 5 people and 1 diagram. In addition the automatic updates are disabled. Everything else is fully functional!
Q: Can I install ExpressK on a network?
A: No, ExpressK is designed to be used locally by a unique user. However you can set automatic backups of your database on the network to be sure not to lose your data.
Q: Do I need specific rights to install ExpressK?
A: Yes, to install ExpressK you must be an administrator of the computer where you install the software. These rights are necessary to properly install all the software components. Errors can occur during application startup if the installation is not performed correctly.
Q: I currently have another key management software, is it possible to import my data into ExpressK?
A: Yes, MS Excel templates are available to import your data. Create your templates directly using ExpressK, fill your data and import it as simple as that!
Q: What kind of database does ExpressK uses?
A: ExpressK uses a file database that is accessible only by a single user at a time.
Q: Is there any limitation on the number of records?
A: Not at all! Once you purchased, why should we limit you with the number of keys, people or doors? You expand your databases as much as you need.
Q: What are the recommended requirements?
A: We recommend the following specifications:
Operating system Windows 8, Windows Server 2012 or newer
Processor 1.4 GHz Intel Pentium or equivalent processor
Hard drive 100 MB of available hard-disk space
Optical reader CD-ROM reader
Display VGA display with 1024x768 resolution or more
Additional components “Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0”

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