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Tether Technologies:

Now that you are using SimpleK to manage your keys, you may be thinking, “Now if we only had a device to ensure that our keys never get lost.”

We have some good news for you. Such a device now exists. Meet the Gravity, The New Force of Certainty in Key Control.

Gravity tethers keys by using an electronic signal that works as a 5-7 step, force field around the worker. Upon breaching this radius, Gravity's unique alarm, vibration and strobe light are triggered. The user quickly retraces steps to recover the Key unit, catastrophe avoided!

To learn more about how Gravity defuses the ticking time bomb of human error, visit

Gravity is brought to you by our resource partner, Tether Technologies, Inc.

Never Risk Losing Master Keys Again!
How Much Does it Cost to Re-Key a Building?

Find out now with Tether Technologies's easy-to-use online calculator:

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